02 June, 2011

You Ever Wonder?

Have you ever wondered why I have the comments set for moderation - that is, I have to approve each and every comment before it gets posted to the blog.

Well, here's a good example. 'Anonymous' (I'm assuming that's not his/her real name, sent a comment about a recent posting I made.

The comment read (more or less): "Lots of alcoholics, drug addicts, child molesters (and one or two other categories) still left in Corozal. I hope the FBI doesn't read this blog."

Needless to say, I rejected that comment. But then, 20/20 hindsight being so good, I thought, hmmm, why not at least comment about the comment? So, I reconstructed it as I remembered it and that's what you saw above.

You're probably thinking this comment is pretty mild for me to have to execute a preemptive strike on the comment before it could be published. You're right. If this was the only negative, wacko, threatening, demeaning, or derogatory comment this blog has attracted there would be no reason to moderate comments. However, over the four-plus years I've been running the blog... It's a good thing that I do moderate comments.

I've often wondered what I write about or how I write about what I write about that is so attractive to such oddballs and weirdos, and in a couple of cases, just downright dangerous minds? Do I write such provoking or salacious material that someone feels compelled to threaten bodily harm to me, my family, my home, and my dogs?

I know I write some scandalous stuff (he said tongue-in-cheekly), but jees, give me a break. I would much rather just let commenters post their comments to the blog as is, in fact for a couple of years, that's how this blog operated. Unfortunately, it hasn't been that way for quite some time now.

Unless I miss my guess, I'm betting that most blogs anywhere receive at least a cursory look-see from the various security agencies around the world. They'd be foolish not too. So, the commenter's point about the FBI is just plain naive.

One other thing to keep in mind, if you think anonymous commenting is just that - 'Anonymous', guess again. There have been several court cases over the past few years where ISP's have been ordered to provide IP address and subscriber information because of intimidating or menacing comments made to blogs and other sites. In this era anymore nothing is anonymous.


JRinSC said...

Dave you are right about wondering about some people.

On some of the forums I meander through every so often there seems to always be a post or two where you say..."what in the world got this person so riled up?". Half the time I think someone posted it to "stir things up" on the forum or it is a comment meant to "get back" at someone else on the forum. Any way you look at it you've got just as many sick minds out in the either as you do anywhere else... just easier to spot 'em now.

Thanks for removing the junk posts and keeping things fun...

And, as you often say: Cheers

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Some truth to the old saw "The pen is mightier than the sword" - even in the hands of a wacko.

Of course, it's also true to "Never get in an argument with anyone who buys ink by the barrel". It's kind of dated now. We don't need ink, just electrons and our readership, potentially, is worldwide.

I'm for fun...


ajbaxter said...

I like your style. I moderate the comments on all of my sites to keep the content clean, meaningful and non-commercial.

I have just added a link to your site on Picture Belize at: hope you don't mind.

aj baxter

al salter said...

I generally enjoy your blog. However the problem that may lend to the occasional antisocial comment is that you may need to be a bit more socio-political oriented at times and offer less bourgeois drivel about pools, darts, and guesthouse toilets.It may be offensive to those with sensitivity to the sufferings of average Belizeans.

Dave Rider said...

Hi A.J.,

Not at all. I'm glad you find it worthwhile and maybe entertaining at times.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Al,

Well, this comment just goes to show, you can't please everyone all the time.

Perhaps if you find my "bourgeois drivel" offensive, maybe you should consider going to some other blogs.

Me? I'm all for "bourgeois drivel" about pools and darts - they're fun! I'm not sure where the mention about toilets crept in. The only mention that I can recall about toilets is a few entries concerning installation problems with equipment we were having.

And as far as "sensitivities to sufferings of average Belizeans"... I guess our employing three 'average Belizeans' doesn't count, nor does the fairly large expenditure of money (to me anyway) that we've put into this country, admittedly for our house and our pool, but it's money spent, for the most part, purchasing products and services from 'average Belizeans' since we believe it's important to support Belize business as a great way to improve the lives and stock of the 'average Belizean.'

We may not prostrate ourselves before the 'average Belizean' and apologize for having had the relatively good fortune to have been able to move here and do these things and to be able to enjoy our pool, darts, and our toilet.

We feel very comfortable, that what we have done has been done honorably, honestly and with the idea that we would do what we can to better the lives of the 'average Belizeans' we deal with on a daily basis.

I think we'll continue enjoying our way of life here in the way that we are.

I will continue to write about it in the way that I do - bourgeois drivel and all.


JRinSC said...

Well said Mr. Dave...

This guy must be one of the ones I find on some forums where they take things just past the line... trying to get people riled up.

Just keep it fun... and if you have any toilet problems (of the kind you can talk about) feel free to expound. LOL


Don in Tennessee said...


I have been reading your blog for over a year, but have never commented. I have to now. My wife and I are considering a move to corozal and have learned so very much about day to day life for an expat in belize. I can not figure where this guy is coming from unless he just wants to stir things up. I have enjoyed every blog about the pool, darts,your dogs, and all your projects. Keep it up for those of us who appreciate it.

We may see you soon.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Don,

Thank you for the very nice comment. I enjoy writing the blog and describing day-to-day life as we see it down here.

We'd look forward to meeting you when you and your wife make it to Corozal.

The blog has been a work in progress for over four years now. I see no reason it can't make at least another four +.