16 June, 2011

We're Reduced To Actually... Reading

Yesterday, about 4:00 PM, or so, our pleasant and mostly mindless TV watching came to an abrupt halt. Yep, Star Choice or Shaw Direct or whatever, according to rumor and actual fact, pulled the plug on satellite boxes physically located outside of Canada.
Boring Movie, Not Much Action
 Not for everybody, I guess. Some of our neighbors still have the ability to watch hockey and F1 (Formula One for the great unwashed) and cooking and remodeling and the Cubs. I guess they must have 'shared' connections. That is, an account up north and an additional box or two that they've brought down here to paradise.

Anyway, we're re-discovering this wonderful thing that you actually do with your hands and eyes and inside your brain where there's this wonderful undocumented feature called imagination. Where, if you're skilled enough at 'reading', why, it's almost like watching a movie, complete with color, sound and action. Unfortunately, there's no advertisements - Oh, wait. That is a benefit not a problem.
A Little Bit Of Our Library
 So, this means that I'll probably finish 'Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' in the next day or two, and then, actually have to explore some of the almost 600 other books that I have on my eReader, and some of the many other actual books that we have virtually all over our house.
My Sony eReader

In all reality, this is actually a boon. We suddenly have much more time to devote to one of our favorite activities - reading. What a joy!

We are actually missing some of the shows I mentioned above. Well, maybe not the hockey or F1, although some of my neighbors are hooked on those sorts of programs. We'll keep plugging away at this 'reading' thing and let you know how we adjust over the next few days and if a solution to the satellite thing becomes apparent or not.

I wonder what my next book is going to be. I can't wait! Just my luck. This'll probably be the year the Cubs go all the way!... (in my dreams).


  1. I find myself spending a lot more time reading than on the tube. Question Dave... how do you like the Sony Reader? I've been looking at the Kindle DX but haven't tried the Sony yet. Someday... when Karol actually retires... I'll need to take one on my travels to places like Belize for a month or two.

    If I spend a fair amount of time in a hammock overlooking the water I might actually read a good number of books -- more than I want to take physically..

    What are your thoughts, both good and bad on these readers??


  2. Hi Julian,

    To be honest, they take some getting used to. They're not as 'cuddly' as a paperback; nor are they as comfortable to hold in one hand; my Sony is particular about bright light, as in glare.

    Having said all that, once you discover your comfortable way to hold it, you can do some serious reading with it. I forget I'm holding a machine and can enjoy 'watching the movie' with the eReader, just as I can with a paperback or other book.
    And, like I said, I have about 600 books in a variety of categories on this thing (well, really on one SD card). I don't think we have 600 physical books in the house, and we have a lot.
    The other thing, I like saving trees, not that I'm a tree hugger, but there needs to be something other than killing trees so I can read.
    Oh, yes. One thing I forgot. I don't think it's necessarily the eReader's fault, but a combination of their fault and the book publisher's fault. There's no reason under the sun that the formatting of books on what, after all, is a computer, needs to be any different from the physical book's formatting. Regardless of what type-size the reader picks, or the machine, or whatever. I think for expediency and saving the almighty dollar, the two have figured we'll put up with whatever crappy formatting they want to foist off on us. That is the thing I detest and hate the most about the electronic reading experience. Especially for the cost of the e-book. It's tantamount to robbery.
    But, what do I know? That's just my opinion.


  3. Thanks for your comments Dave ... I guess the best thing for me to do is see if I can "borrow" one from a friend and just try it myself. I've been looking at the Kindle DX on eBay and you still have to pay approx. $250.00 or so for even a good used one.
    Therefore, I think testing is in order.

    Keep up the good work, but don't neglect the pool either!!


  4. Hi Julian,

    I agree. Testing would really be the best thing to do.
    I was in the pool just this morning. Gave it a good brushing too.
    For as humid as it was this morning, the 88 (f) degrees of the pool really felt refreshing.


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