28 May, 2011

Friday Construction Update

Dateline Corozal - Here's the latest on our construction project. This project is moving slowly, but only because Carlos works for us only one day a week. But, even at one day a week, his progress each Friday is quite dramatic, as you can see.

Here, Carlos is applying the forms to pour the wall cap which also makes a bench seating area that will go all the way around the patio area when it's done.
Carlos Adding Forms For The Pour
The wall is quite substantial. Carlos has done that on purpose, to hold back a relatively large amount of black dirt (topsoil) when the wall is finished; to provide a very comfortable seating area all around the perimeter; and finally, so it stays in place for a long time.
Preparing the Form End
 Here's a good view of what he's been able to accomplish so far.
Looking At It From The Deck
 And another view as he's completing the pour.
Carlos Finishing The Pour
Here's the final piece for today. All the concrete is nicely edged and brushed as well. A first rate piece of work.
This Section Is Done

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