19 March, 2011

A Helping Hand

Every now and then things happen. For instance, a couple of months ago, the floor drain in our pool somehow managed to make one of its two stainless steel screws come loose. It didn't go missing, it was just loose.

Well, then it did go missing. But that was only after we got Huey - our automatic pool vacuum. He cruised over the drain cover and sucked that screw right outta there. Of course, it shot on through his hose and into the filter. Which I don't really want to go through the process of opening that just to retrieve a screw.

Anyway, the remaining screw managed to work itself loose as well. Huey, on his travels, managed to swing the floor drain cover almost 180-degrees out of kilter. If nothing else, it looked bad and dangerous too. Of course, we have the floor drain turned off, but visitors don't know that and assume it's just careless management on our part. Which I guess it is.

So, that was why Cody and I braved the 80-degree water the other day to do a couple of things.
  1. Retrieve the remaining screw, so I could take it and see if there was a comparable screw to be had at Lano's or National (a couple of hardware stores in town),
  2. Purchase the replacement for the missing screw.
Cody had no problem removing the remaining screw. I took it and lucked out finding a replacement stainless steel screw at Villa's Hardware.

On my return, Cody was going to install the missing screws. At first, he tried using a screw driver and just himself to install the screw. No go. As soon as Cody put any pressure on the screw, it forced him back away from the screw.

Complicating the process, was Huey, our automatic pool cleaning specialist. Right after Cody positioned the lid over the drain, he came up to grab a couple of screws. While he was on the surface, Huey cruised over and attempted to make off with the cover. Cody had to chase him down and retrieve it from the little thief.

That's where I came in. Cody said he was having trouble zeroing in on the screw anyway. What with his one good eye and all, it's no wonder (he is missing an eye, just in case you're wondering) - and he's always talking about his "one good eye".

So, I braved the frigid waters and jumped gingerly from the last step completely into the water. I did have a snorkel mask with me, which I promptly put on. I asked Cody to hold me down under the water as inserted and tightened the screws.

As soon as I was underwater, I sensed an alien presence. Sure enough, out of the corner of my eye, I spied Huey, once more attempting to horn in and make off with the screws and/or the lid again. As you can see below, he's pretty persistant.
Huey Getting In On The Action
Eventually, this gambit worked quite well. Even though I had to come up for air a couple of times, it was no problem to communicate that fact to Cody (frantic thrashing around worked well) and he let me up to catch a quick breather.
Cody Holding Me Under
At the end, we managed to keep Huey from stealing everything and we got the two screws back in place, thus securing the drain cover, ensuring safety for all who use the pool.
A Job Well Done
That is, as long as you stay away from Huey. In addition to trying to steal screws and the lid, he loves to nibble on your toes and otherwise sneak-attack when you lease expect it. For a simple mechanical tools, he sure has developed a definite personality and has become quite popular in the pool - in addition to being the primary thing responsible for the sparkling nature of the pool.


Vivien said...

That Huey almost got the best of both you and Cody. He is a little hyperactive at times. I really began to think he was coming after me when I was swimming in your pool. Wish I was there to see all all of the fun. Did Dianna take the photographs?

James L. Voris said...

I tried to warn you Dave, the pool cleaner (Huey) is attracted to dirt, people's toes and activity. I don't want to sound like a know it all, but you COULD have disconnected the hose from Huey while you were working in the pool.I know, that would have been too easy!
I feel for you having to "dive" in the awful 80 degree water. Boy the sacrifices us guys have to make some times!
Jim Voris

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,

Oops, I forgot to give her the credits, yes, Dianna did take the photos.
We miss you and Denis.


Hi Jim,

You're right. That would have been too easy, besides Huey would have been deprived of the fun of attacking us underwater.
I know. It's just one sacrifice after another. Water yesterday was 86. We'll have the awning up in time for the really hot days - new posting soon to come about that.

We miss you and Melanie. Happy hour just ain't the same.