04 January, 2011

I Pulled The Plug

Hi Dave,

You have deactivated your Facebook account. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging into Facebook using your old login email and password
. [I can't imagine why I would want to do that.] You will be able to use the site like you used to. [I never used it much. I was always trying to figure out what the attraction was and why I should be interested in it]
The Facebook Team
Sign in to Facebook and start connecting
Sign In

[You have got to be s**tting me]
To reactivate, follow the link below:
This message was intended for
[me after I had 'deactivated' my account]. If you do not wish to receive this type of email from Facebook in the future, please click here to unsubscribe. [Even after killing - sorry, 'deactivating' my account, I still have to unsubscribe]
Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303 [It's a nice, homey touch that they include their snail mail address - like I'd want to waste the postage]

You may enjoy the Facebook experience. Me? I've had a belly full of every time they change something, personal data is shared with the world by default. They could at least ask me if I want to share my data. It's the old 'opt out/opt in' thing. Since when is it proper to assume everyone wants to share everything with everyone and anyone by default?

I just don't want any more 'personalized advertising, or news, or whatever - especially if I didn't specifically ask for it.



JRinSC said...

Well, I did worse --- set up an account several years ago (under an old email address) and forgot about it. Then created a new one and darned if I didn't find that I wanted to be friends with myself... quite cosy... Tried to get rid of the first account but I didn't remember the sign on stuff. Finally sat down and tried several things and hit it when I used the old email... and then I was able to delete (I think I have) the old page. We shall see..

The only thing facebook did for me was to get back in touch with some old shipmates (and I do mean old) off my submarine. That part is neat...but trying to recognize them from their current pictures is downright scary!!

See ya,


ps Good luck on Xnews. Email me if you get stuck.(

Hearing Aids said...

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Dave Rider said...

Hi Hearing Aids,

Thanks for the complementary comment. It's very much appreciated.

I don't know that you'll find much more on this particular topic, however we do aim to please on a rather eclectic variety of topics here at Winjama. I hope you'll find some of that interesting as well as a droll sense of humor.


Larry said...

Dave, I hope you have found out that your information (pictures, notes, or ANYTHING you or others have put on your facebook page) will FOREVER be there and the exclusive property of Facebook to do with as they wish until YOU PERSONALLY REMOVE IT.

Seriously. Do some checking around about PERMANENTLY deleting your account and the information that goes with it. It's not as easy as you might think. You can start with this 'wiki'

Good luck!

- Larry -
Punta Gorda (FL)

Dave Rider said...

Thanks Larry,

I'm doing exactly that as we speak (well, right after I make this post). Good info.


toupeeo said...

Hi Dave: I was into Facebook for awhile but never got the hang of it and so I deleted the service and was advised I could come back in two weeks if I desired. Not on it now and don't anticipate doing so.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Toupeeo,

I haven't heard from you in while. There are a few of us who have braved quitting it - not many, but a few.

What was it Arlo Guthrie said in 'Alice's Restaurant' about something becoming a movement?