05 November, 2010

Oh, Go Blow Something Up...

One of the things I remember most fondly from my early youth, "Penny for the Guy?" Making a Guy Fawkes dummy with my friends and hauling it in a little wagon up and down the high street shopping area begging pennies from passerby, so we could go buy some fireworks (just little ladyfingers and black cats) and then spend the rest of the loot at the local tuck shop. Just what we needed - more sugar.
 Me and My Mates - Kevin and Sean - Way Back When

On a completely different topic, I was perusing my weather software this morning, as I was sitting here absorbing the warmth from the laptop's fan. I noticed the outside temperature said it was 66° (f) as of 4:30 AM. Down here, that is speedily approaching the "Holy sh** mon, it's cold!", threshold of freezing temperatures.

I know, I know. Just like in the past winters, I'll get no sympathy from you folks up north. But, let me tell you, when you've acclimated to 95° (f) for a daily temperature, your body just seizes up at these lower temps.

I've actually got goosebumps on my arms. I'm going to have to go fire up the Mr. Coffee coffee maker, just so I can hug the carafe and stay warm. Well, I might have a cuppa while I reminisce about my youth. Have a happy Guy Fawkes Day!

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JRinSC said...

Your title reminds me of one summer that I actually used the big set of Encyclopedia Brittani ca for which my folks paid dearly. My friends and I looked up gunpowder and, to our surprise and amazement -- there was the formula. Salt Peter, Sulfur and Charcoal (I think).

So, we each went up to the local drug store (in our case "CRAFTS") and went in one at a time and bought the ingredients. We experimented in my backyard and blew up all kinds of stuff. LOL

Boy that was a long time ago.