15 September, 2010

Whistle While You Work

I was all settled in, listening to the wind whipping around and the pitter-patter of rain falling on the zinc roof, when Dianna called to me, "Workers are here".

What? That can't be. They're not that crazy, or are they?
Just Workin' In the Rain...
Ah, what could be better than pouring a slab in the middle of a Tropical Storm? Not much, apparently. At least, according to our workers - "It beats doing it in the hot sun". I'll have to give them that, but I still think they're crazy.
Dumping A Loaded Barrow
They had to lay a boardwalk so the loaded wheelbarrows didn't get bogged down in the marl.
Smoothing Out the First Loads
Here's the first of the pour being smoothed out. Just a few more loads to go. Starting at around 7:30 AM, they'll more than likely be done before noon.

I just had to take a break for a second... One of the workers called to me. My Isuzu was parked right on the water hose they were using to fill the barrels for mixing. They had filled the barrels last evening to get ready for today and this was the first they had to turn the water on to refill. Oops. So, I'm sitting here dripping wet having just got back in from moving the vehicle out of the way.
Always A Clown
It's moving right along. Already the stack of bags is significantly lower than it was yesterday. I suppose I'll have to brave the elements in a bit to go out and take a few more fotos of the fun and games. At least it's a warm rain.


claptona said...

Nice blog. Been here for a couple weeks, ran across your blog, and thought I would leave a comment.
Writing a blog myself, The Big Mozey, I know it is difficult to get people to post comments.
I've enjoyed what you have written so far, and look forward to your posts.
Karl missed us down here in Pomona, better you then me, as the say.
John D. Wilson

Dave Rider said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the nice comment. Writing a blog is a lot like editing a newsletter. You're always looking for input. Stick with it - it'll happen.

Karl was ok, wind and some rain, nothing bad for us however.