21 September, 2010

I'm Missing the Parade

As I'm sitting here writing the Independence Day parade in Corozal is going on. I can hear the cacophony of drum teams, sirens, horns, etc. Since we were down there the past couple of years, we figured, staying close to the cool beer and the warm pool take precedence. We will however, offer a heartfelt toast to Belize's 29th year of independence!

So, the big holes in the back yard are now a thing of the past (till the next huge rains anyway).
Enrique Putting Rocks Into Smaller Hole
And Putting Rocks into the Larger Hole
This is pretty much what we had after the guys dug the muck out of the holes, down to firm rock anyway. This next photo shows the small hole after they've packed it full of rocks.
Smaller Hole Filled In
And finally, after they've covered it with a good layer of marl. Almost as good as new. Enrique even re-planted the little palm.
Small Hole All Done
Big One's All Done Too
You're probably wondering what I'm going to do with all the left-over marl? Good question. I'm glad you asked that. It's all going to the back side of the guesthouse, to cover the horizontal pipes of the roof drain pipes, to stabilize them so they don't get blown about in a strong wind.

Well, that's it for today. Time for a peanut butter and dill-pickle sandwich, then... Pool Time!

Happy twenty-ninth birthday, Belize!

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