13 September, 2010

Everything Happens At Once

Just when you think nothing's happening... I was just about ready to jump into the rain locker to replace the old sweat with some new, fresh sweat, when everything happened.

First, here comes Mr. Trummer with his track hoe to unstick the grader. Right behind them, not more than two minutes, comes a delivery van and trailer with cement and rebar for the bulkhead project.

I got distracted with watching the van bringing in the cement as he was perilously close to where our 3" drain pipe runs out to the canal. This pipe drains most of the storm water from our house gutters, and several ground drains I have around the place, so it was critical that it stay functional.

That all went well. I did make it downstairs to snap a shot of the guys beginning to offload the cement.

Off-Loading The Goods

After taking this shot, I returned to the house to fetch my gate remote so I could go take a few shots of the track-hoe yanking on the grader.

As I was heading up the stairs, I looked up just in time to see the hoe pulling the grader out of the muck. I barely had time to snap this image from our front step landing.

Abracadabra - It's Out!

So, the grader is now out of trouble. I took a break for a few minutes, then went back down to see how the unloading was going. I headed out the door just in time to see the delivery van heading for the gate. They had unloaded the rebar and bags of cement, so I headed down to take look-see.

Precarious At Best

And here's the result. About 50 110-lb bags of cement, all carefully balanced on one pallet. I suppose they'll use the smallest guy in the crew to pull off the initial bags come time for the pour.

Now, I can relax, take a quick shower and head down for pool time... But wait! Thunder is coming and dark skies. Pool time might be limited today. C'est la vie.

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JRinSC said...

I tell 'ya... never a dull moment near the Bay. Hope you did get your temperature reducing dip in time! LOL