17 July, 2010

Puttin' On the Feedbag

Oh, yummers! There's a couple new (to me anyway) places to graze - one here in Corozal, the other over in Orange Walk.

First, in Corozal, is the Blue Shark. A nice place for lunch, close to downtown. The Blue Shark is located on 2nd Street, S., between 7th Avenue (the Norther Highway) and 6th Avenue.
 Blue Shark Entrance
The Blue Shark is just one block south of the Gabriel Hoare Marketplace and the Corozal Bus Terminal.

Second, over in Orange Walk is Nahil Mabib. What a find! It's located just a block or two behind the downtown Shell Station. As you come into Orange Walk from the north, turn right just before the Shell station. If you've got sharp eyes, you'll see a fenced house on your left with a sign that says 'Parking for Nahil Mabib'. Turn in there, park. As you come out the gate, take a left. Nahil Mabib's entrance is right on the corner of the intersection.

Plan on spending some time in their wonderful gardens. There's two gardens with seating in each. Both are lush. One is smoke free, the other allows smokers, for those of you still partaking of the evil habit. I'll have to add a photo or two of the restaurant later on... I forgot to take some photos while we were there. What can I say? It was hot.

The menu features both Belizean and north American dishes. The service and setting of Nahil Mabib is outstanding. I'm sure you'll remember it as a real treat.

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