10 July, 2010

New Family Member

Here's the newest member of the pack. Her name is Deohgee. Like our other two dogs she's a 'pot-licker'. Smart as they come, it took her about three minutes to master the ins and outs of the doggie doors. We're in the process of training her for the leash and the do's and dont's of living and getting along with the kitties.
 Say Hi To Deohgee
She's been with us for a week and a day. Already, she's fit in as a member of the pack, playing king of the mountain with the other dogs and all the other stuff dogs do.

Yesterday, while we were in Chetumal shopping in the rain, Deohgee was at Dr. Sheila's getting tutored. We're letting her have light duty for a few days as a result.

She adds another voice to the chorus - really a 'force multiplier' as they used to say in a former life. Deohgee's a welcome addition.


Barmy Belle said...

She is so cute! Congrats on your newest member of the Rider clan :)

sandy a. said...

I like the name!

JRinSC said...

I always thought that DOG was spelled D-o-g --- but I like your way better. Cute.

House is looking wonderful. Good job.