29 July, 2010

If That Ain't a Kick (or poke) in the Butt

Sunday afternoon I developed an earache. I didn't think much of it, but as the afternoon wore on, my left ear got more and more plugged up and, not painful, but uncomfortable feeling. So much so that I decided to pour a little hydrogen peroxide in the ear, thinking that maybe I had more ear wax than necessary. It bubbled away as it does, but did little to relieve the discomfort.

About bedtime, it had become downright uncomfortable, but I figured I could ignore it and get some shut-eye anyway. Man, was I wrong. About 10:15 or so, I was jolted fully awake by what felt like someone jamming a knife into my ear. Some intense pain, I kid you not!

So, I got up and watched some TV while holding a wash cloth up to my ear, afraid my brains or something would be leaking out of my head. After about 20 minutes, I felt things had calmed down enough to try hitting the sack once again.

The following morning, I hot-footed it up to Bethesda Medical Clinic. Well, that's not entirely true. I almost didn't go as I thought it was improving. Anyway, I went and saw Dr. David Reyes at the clinic. He looked in my ears and asked me a few questions. He also told me that I definitely had an outer ear infection in the canal with a large blister blocking the canal so much that he couldn't see the tympanic membrane (I assume that's the ear drum - I didn't ask).

Additionally, he said that outer ear infections tend to be caused by very virulent bacteria and were not something to mess around with here in the tropics. He suggested a course of oral antibiotics (for 9 days, 2x per day) and along with that a course antibiotic injections (for 5 days, 1x per day). Along with some pain meds that I already had on hand.

Right now, I'm on day three of the treatment. Which means, each morning I run into town to the Evergreen Pharmacy (where I bought the injectables) and they give me a shot. Which also means, I go in the back room and drop trou and they begin shooting darts. Actually they're pretty good shooters.

I go back Friday to see Dr. Reyes to see how things are doing. I think they're coming along well. I can almost hear normally again. I don't have any pain now. I did break down and have a beer or three yesterday while we were in the pool. I didn't dunk my ear under water however.

Other than that, life is good.


Vivien said...

Gee Dave, if I was still there visiting I could have saved you a trip downtown each day by coming over and giving you that injection. I can't help thinking of the fun Dianna and I could of had with that! Hope you are soon feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Literally. Dr. Dave diagnosed a tympanic membrane infection in my right ear. Hope we recover soon!

Dave Rider said...


Mine's left ear. Between the two of us, we can almost hear in real stereo hi-fi!