27 June, 2010

Just A Continuation of Sunday's Grab Bag

More walkies photos from two Sundays ago or so. This time by John from Copper Bank. I met him through the blog (as happens now and then). This shot is of me and my neighbor Twyla as we're walking along Miami Beach. It's that part of the walk where we realize every day that the price of admission was worth it for the view. Every day!
More Walkies - Courtesy John Owen
A minor first - I had a pair of sandals that I brought down with me. I hadn't worn them in almost three years till about a week ago, after my Keen's tore up my toes.

Well, the sandals started to fall apart - but, they were low mileage as yet. They should've had several years of life left in them.

I knew there were a couple of shoe repair places in town, One, Benny's Shoe Repairing, next to the Family Market, and another one in the market place.

I thought I'd try Benny's first. I took them in and Benny looked at the damage, told me "No problem. I'll glue and stitch both sandals and paint them up for you, good as new. Be ready at four." Ok, I'm with him on the gluing and stitching bit. I'm not real sure about the "painting". We'll see when I pick them up.
Benny's Shoe Repairing
I shouldn't have worried. For $15.00 BZD, Benny glued and stitched them better than new. the 'painting' turned out to be polishing and buffing. They looked outstanding. They're comfortable and feel like they're going to last as long as I hope they should.

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