02 May, 2010

Just A Quickie

Dateline Corozal - Here's a quick update on the rising waters. We went to our pool for a swim this afternoon, as we do most afternoons. I had left my camera upstairs in the house as I thought I was done taking shots for the day.

Little did I know that no, I wasn't done. There was one more to take. Dianna called me over to the canal-side of the deck to look at Lynn and Pete's property.

A quick glance was all it took to convince me I needed to run back upstairs and grab my camera once again. Here's the result.
Turning Squishy
Wow! quite a bit of water on it. I don't know if the water will rise much more, but I think with the tides and all, it probably will peak sometime this evening. The wind is supposed to go down a bit from a stated high of 22 knots down to about 10.8 knots for tomorrow. That's nice, but it will be increasing again on Tuesday.

Details at eleven... (well, maybe not. I couldn't stay awake that late).


Vivien said...

Wow, that is an incredible amount of water and it has not even been raining has it? Amazing that is the result of persistent winds. Never underestimate the power of a large body of water.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,

No rain to speak of since about a week ago, when we got a pretty good rainfall in the morning - naturally, while Doug and I were walking the girls. We sheltered at National Tire till Twyla came and rescued us.

Big water goes where it wants to.