13 April, 2010

In A Momentum Gathering Mode

Yesterday, while we were still recovering from our adventure to the Don Quixote in Consjeo Shores, we looked out our window and saw Joe, the electrician - a day sooner than we thought he'd show up. A good omen for sure.
The Apprentice Doing Some Wiring
In short order, we had some working outlets in the guesthouse.
Joe Putting Panel Cover On
Joe and his apprentice (I'm remiss in that I missed his name) installed three outlets in the guesthouse, breakers in the panel and hooked the whole thing up.

After getting the guesthouse all wired up, we all headed for the main house to hook up the current to the central power panel.
Joe Hooking Up the Other End
 As you can see above, our utility room is just a tad crowded - mostly with stuff intended for the guesthouse. It'll be nice to be able to reclaim some space... eventually.

Then, just to make sure, we headed back down to the guesthouse where I plugged my tester into each outlet - just to make sure. Success! It all works just like it's supposed to.
It's Live! It's Live! 
Now, the only thing that would make today perfect is if Isidoro's crew showed up to begin constructing scaffolding to begin plastering. I talked to Isidoro yesterday morning and he said that he was finishing a project in Consejo and would have some workers here today. Here we are passing 9:30 AM, and guess what?
The other pleasant surprise was a phone call last night from Roy of Roy and Son Shipping. He'll be here sometime today with a bunch of stuff for us. I really, really hope one of those things is a pump motor for the pool.
Before I forget, Tanya, of the Don Quixote, turned me on to a very large container of calcium hypochlorite, that they use in the hotel's pool. It's much more economical than buying HTH brand of the same stuff. They've been getting it at Prosser's in Belize City. I stopped at Prosser's in Corozal and they're checking for me to see if they can get it up here to save a trip to BC. I'll let you know what I find out.
A bit more on the momentum gathering, since I still have the floor...

Robert, the new owner of the several lots between us and Doug and Twyla is moving ahead with making the lots look presentable for selling, chopping them so they're less intimidating to folks who might be interested. He's also chopping the area of the lots next to the canal where the spoils from the cleanup done three years ago were placed.
 Part of the Neighborhood
At the time, they were too wet to do anything with. Now they can be spread out on the properties (helping with filling of the lots) and also accomplishing some of the goals of improvements on the canal.
 Looking To the Canal Mouth
Our view is really changing. It certainly seems like we don't live 'backabush' any more.
 And, finally, (no I'm not calling it a 'grab bag' cause I like this other title) here's some shots I took on the walk this morning with the girls:
Pretty Tree
This tree, which is in full bloom with the most amazing light purple/pink flowers, is about 25-30 feet tall. It's located just behind Corozal Bay Resort on a vacant lot. the clusters of flowers make it look a lot like a super-sized hydrangea. Doesn't seem to be much., if any, smell associated with it.
Class Is In Session
A favorite of mine is snapping the pelicans. This time, right at their favorite moorage, it just looked like there might be some instruction going on. Maybe on formation flying, since they still seem to have problems with that.

And the last thing. This photo I couldn't resist after Twyla called my attention to it. A great little garden in a central neighborhood of Corozal.
Hanging Boc Choy
We're not really sure if it was boc choy or not - kinda looked that way, all hanging out to dry. Just too good an opportunity to pass up.


Anonymous said...

I think that's probably a jacaranda tree, though they would have already finished blooming in Mexico City by now. We especially look forward to the plant and animal pics.


Dave Rider said...

Thanks Texican. I looked Jacaranda up on the Intertubes after you commented. I think you're right, although the specimens shown on those sites all had better shape. Still this is one pretty tree.

I like the plant and animal shots as well. It seems there's always something new to look at.


JRinSC said...

Spring has sprung up here!!! Finally saw my first hummer this week. Boy was I ready for the warmer times.

All I have to do now is just pick up and move my new patio home down next to your digs. Wonder just what that would cost... LOL.

I remember the log next to CB Resort as having been cleared and graded but just sitting there. Has anyone started building there?


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I don't know where the CB Resort is.

Building, well, at least chopping and filling has commenced on several lots in the area.

Oh, I just happened to think - CB, Copa Banana. It's a guesthouse not a resort, if that's the one you're thinking of.

I doubt the lot next to them would be for sale. I think they'll keep it for aesthetics.