20 April, 2010

Hoohaw! I Should Play Lotto

Two days in a row workers have shown up. I can't help it. I feel lucky. I know, they should show up, but after waiting fretfully for three weeks for them to show up, I'm overjoyed that they've shown up for day two - and they're hard at it.
The Ceiling of No. 1 Bedroom
Nice and smooth. Smooth plastering here in Belize, is the mark of a craftsman, whereas up north, it's the basic texture that any plasterer should be able to do. It's always a struggle if you want any texture other than smooth.
Bathroom Ceiling
By the end of the day, both bedrooms and the bathroom ceilings will be done. The ceiling for the kitchen/living room may be done, or at least it will have the first coat applied.
Prepping the Kitchen/Living room Ceiling
As you can see, prepping the ceiling involves a lot of hammer and chisel work to smooth out the dribbles from concrete that leaked around the plywood when it was poured. Isidoro's crew really do work steadily and fast.
Other stuff going on while the guesthouse is being made nice. Cody constructed a sort of under-stair trellis for a vine we have growing there.
Cody Admiring His Work
The trellis is made from 3/4" PVC Schedule 40 pipe and fittings, supported with a rebar core and has some chicken wire supporting the vine. He'll paint the trellis black and before you know it, the vine will be growing over, around and through the whole thing.

Let's see what's next... Oh, yes. This little family group, momma, poppa, and two little pups, live in the compound across from Tony's Inn and Beach Resort. Incidentally, the compound is where Isidoro and his brothers all live.
Little Family Group
The dogs spend a fair amount of time resting either on the street (in the morning) or on the mound of marl as in the picture above. We've just been keeping tabs on them since we walk by them every day.
 Here's one I forgot to post some time ago. The Almond Tree Hotel Resort finally got it's new main sign.
Almond Tree Sign
Hand-carved and painted. Looks pretty spiffy ('Spiffy' must be my word of choice lately (Seems like I'm using it a lot... knock it off.).
  And, finally, just this afternoon, I heard the crackling of fire across the road, so I strolled up towards our gate and sure enough. Fire. It was 'controlled' burn though. At least there was someone on scene watching it. Usually, they're lit off and then the lighter goes home for the day.
Fire, fire, fire
At least the wind is blowing the other way from us this time.


sandy a said...

Watching them do the plastering on our house was amazing to me. All that by hand, no blow-on stuff like the States. The outside got an interesting texture, and the inside nice and smooth.

JRinSC said...

Things are picking up around there... the guest house is really coming along!

Hope your doors fit better than Perry's sliding glass ones at his new house. Saw today that the Window / Door factory made a 3" height error and will have to send him two new ones...maybe you can use his shorter ones if you haven't gone too far with your openings.

I am enjoying watching your progress.. please keep up the good work!


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Perry's doors were wrong cause they were made in the US. Ours will fit right cause they'll be made right here in Belize (bet you never thought you'd see that, eh?).

I already thought about getting his doors, but they open wrong for the way we're going to do it.