24 April, 2010

From On High

As long as I was up on the roof of the guesthouse anyway, I decided to take advantage of the situation and snap a few more shots of this and that before I headed back down the ladder.

The Pool, All Nice and Blue
I took several shots of the pool. Amazing what a new pump motor does to help rehab the pool. Well, that, along with Dianna and Cody scrubbing all the tile and the mosaic with bleach and CLR. I was right. I mentioned to Dianna what I had written the other day. She laughed and said that Vivien had emailed her, warning about this being a dangerous combination. Dianna also said that when Cody mixed the two (he only had a little bleach left in his bucket when he poured some CLR in it) that the mix immediately bubbled and gave off a very strong chlorine odor. We'll be more careful in the future.
Another View of the Pool
Just for good measure, I threw in another picture of the pool. Water temperature is staying pretty steady at anywhere from 92º to 94º (f). Too bad we can't get it more comfortable...

I know I promised a detailed look at the plantings in our yard. I'm working on that (in my spare time). In the mean time, here's a glimpse of the garden.
Some of the Garden
What this picture also shows is the guys still have some work to do on top. Filling all the blocks and plastering the sides and top to make a nice row that won't fill up with water.
Back Garden Area
The shot above shows the back garden, which has been really neglected. Now that the guesthouse is nearing completion, Dianna is looking much closer at that area to figure out what she wants to do with it, so I'd expect this part of the yard to become a bit more filled and complete looking in the near future.

We do get a nice view of the bay from upstairs at the guesthouse. If we ever finish the second story, this will be the view.
Nice View of Corozal Bay
Here's a nice peek-a-boo view of Denis and Vivien's house from upstairs. The palapa is Elsie's and it's protecting her car.
Neighborly View
And finally, I'll finish off with another shot of the Pooch family that lives up by Tony's Inn. The kids have just finished breakfast. Soon all four will be taking a nap.
Pooch Family


sandy a said...

YOur pool area is so pretty! Love the shots. Have you tried to put an aerator in the pool to keep the temp down? YOu know, one of those sprinkler-looking things that sometimes people put in ponds. We have the same problem here in the summer when the air temp is about 100 for 2-3 weeks on end.

JRinSC said...

Great set of posts today! Enjoyed seeing all the activity in your neighborhood... I could see the bend in the canal when I looked down with Google Earth but this is the first time I really "saw" it. Neat..

Everything is shaping up well and I look forward to watching it all come together.


Vivien said...

Great pictures! Pool looks so inviting! Things are really changing around there at a very fast pace. I can hardly wait to see it all in person.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Sandy,
We've thought an aerator, but with the waterfall, I think it serves about the same purpose. But, you know, it never really seems too hot.

We are trying to come up with a pergola-type design to cover part of the pool, maybe with some sort of retractable shade cloth.

Hi Julian,
Maybe in 4 or 5 years when Google updates our images down here... Oh well, it'd probably be like last time. The image was already a year old by the time they posted it.

Hi Vivien,
I know. You'll hardly recognize the place when you come back down.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.


Greg said...


I have truly enjoyed reading about your Belize adventure. I have been reading Perry's blog as well. It sounds like the community there is full of great folks. My wife and I are determined to retire abroad. We may end up in your end of the world. We are in Colorado now. One thing we will miss is ice skating. Anyone interested in a joint venture to build a rink in Belize? (Just kidding of course.)

Thanks for sharing. Your place will be wonderful when it is complete.

Unknown said...

The pool sure looks nice compared to when you showed it to me the first week of April!
You know, even though it might be difficult to find someone to put it up, a screened in 'lanai' over the entire pool area will do wonders for keeping the water much cooler - not to mention keeping the bugs at bay and leaves and debris from blowing into the pool. Just a thought. The lanai idea works great for my pool area here in So. Florida.

Great job on the yard and all the rest. It looks just great!