07 February, 2010

Sunday Morning Walkies

This morning, other than being chilly enough that I wished I had worn a jacket for about half the walk, nothing much happened. Oh, sure, the girls and I enjoyed the walk, as usual, but the walk itself was uneventful except that I did see some guys launching a boat and getting ready to go fishing. The sky was interesting, so that is why I took the photo.

 Launched Before Sunrise
I love shooting at that time of morning. The colors and textures are just amazing. So, I guess, in that regard, it was a pretty special time.

When I got back from the walk, we watched a movie with Richard Dreyfus as Meyer Lansky in the TV movie 'Lansky'. The movie wasn't bad. I learned some things about Lansky's childhood that I hadn't known before.

So, that pretty well shot the morning. Once I get this posted, I'll bring up the rest of the laundry and begin thinking about lunch and having pooltime this afternoon.

Ahhh, Sundays...

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