21 February, 2010

Sad Day In the Dog World

Today I saw on that Cesar Millan's 'right-hand man', Daddy, as the obit ( said, has passed away.

Daddy was about the coolest, calmest, and best-behaved dog I've ever seen. The fact that he was a pit bull was, in my mind, entirely incidental. He directly helped Cesar rehabilitate hundreds of dogs, and through their TV show, The Dog Whisperer, he helped thousands more.

Our two doggies, Cindy and Secret, owe everything to Cesar and to Daddy. When we got them (Cindy first, and Secret several months later) what we knew about dogs, dog behavior, our responsibilities with them, other than feeding and watering, you could put in a thimble.

We started watching Cesar on The Dog Whisperer religiously. It seemed to good to be true initially. What he managed to accomplish with out of control dogs and owners was, in short, miraculous. There had to be trick.

What Cesar was saying about energy and behaviour just seemed like so mu hocus-pocus. There had to be some sort of hidden thing going on. That is, until we started daily walks with Cindy and later, adding in Secret, and paying attention to the nuances of dog behaviour.

We bought all of Cesar's books and devoured them. We still watch his show and we still learn things from Cesar and from Daddy. Daddy always seemed the perfect model of proper and dignified comportment, whether human or canine.

I'm very proud to say, that we always get comments from people along our walking route about how well behaved our dogs are. It's all due to Cesar and Daddy. Both of them were right in every respect. Daddy will be missed very much - by all of us.

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