03 February, 2010

Best Wrench In Town

Rick Magaña, in my estimation, is arguably, the finest mechanic in Corozal. I've been taking my Isuzu to him for going on to three years now. I've also recommended him to several other Gringos here. As far as I know, they're satisfied with his work and have continued to use him as well.
Rick's Garage - Not Fancy
But It Works
Just like in the states, he gives you as part of the bill, a list of materials used, labor, and recommendations of stuff to be done, if any.

Rick (His brother, Guillermo, runs the New Millennium Furniture Shop, down by the airport) has even done major work on the Isuzu. He's done a complete engine rebuild for me, and the engine runs better than it has since I bought it, almost three years ago.

You can reach Rick at the following, Cell: 501-624-3144, or 501-422-2701. He's closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


  1. Well Dave, what kind of work do you need now? Only kidding, I agree whole heartedly Rick has to be the best I have dealing with and I have recommended him on the blog, because I have faith in what he says and does.

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for the affirmation.
    Actually, the work I just had him do was to reconnect my heater hose. I had Rick disconnect it last year when I had a leak inside the car. I figured I'd never use the heater again, so no loss.
    Turns out it was the A/C drip tube causing the problem, and we've had some chilly days this year, so...

  3. C. "Hop" Miller4/2/10 01:06

    Always fun to check out whats going on in Belize. I read your blog religiously from the chilly wastelands of Minneapolis....and I always check the Belize weather forecast while I'm reading just to torture myself. Someday I'll live there, even if I have to drag missus down by her toes ;)


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