20 December, 2009

Hey, It's Belize

As things happen here sometimes, work on the bulkhead has ground to a halt. Ran out of bags. Oh, and the other bit, there was supposed to be a worker on Saturday to fill some gravel into the recess between the bank and the bulkhead... Uh, no. Besides there probably isn't enough gravel right now to get real far with that part of the project either. But, as the title said - "Hey, It's Belize!"

I'm not functioning on all eight cylinders this morning either. Yesterday, within an hour after completing walking the dogs, I came down with a cold. Sneezing enough to upset the neighborhood (if there was one) and nose dripping enough that I went around all day with a pocket full of Kleenex.

I tried sleeping, but managed to just sort of surf it - you know, in and out for the whole time. Almost more exhausting than if I'd just stayed up. I even had to send an excuse note via email to the Men's Group, saying I wouldn't make it to yesterday's meeting. Since we always tell our cats that they're responsible for taking care of us when we're ill, I had the note signed - "Dr. Midas". Midas doesn't care, he'll sign anything.

I think I'm doing a little better today. I'm even going to try to walk the girls today. Might be a short walk, however. At least for now, I'm not sneezing and dripping all over everything. I've been gobbling double my usual dose of vitamin C in hopes that will help stave off whatever bug is attacking me. At least it's Sunday. You're supposed to rest then, right?


sandy a said...

hope you get better soon! 2000 mg Vitamin C and up your zinc intake

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better by Wed. Would hate for you not to be able to come and eat lobster with us. Do what Sandy said. Zinc always helped me.

bonbon said...

Don't know how I became Anonymous. I must of pushed wrong button.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Sandy and bonbon,

We're taking everything we can. About 4,000 units of Vitamin C, multivitamins, Vitamin E, and Potassium, I'll get zinc tomorrow at the pharmacy. I hope we can make it.
Thanks for thinking of us.

Dave and Dianna said...

Dear Dave, So sorry to hear you are not well. As you know we are still in limbo here in the states.I think I would prefer having a cold in Belize than being well in all this snow. Merry Christmas. Kyler