27 November, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Yesterday was Turkey Day. An American holiday, but more or less celebrated down here in Belize as well. It's an excuse for a feast and a party.
Charles and Mae in the Kitchen
Craig, Jim and Earl in Discussion
 Katherine, Gail and Sandra Talking
Melanie and Gail Prepping the Chow
Well, that's what we did. feast and party. We went over to Jim and Melanie's house along with thirty-three other folks, and had a great feast. That's the way, you know, of pot-lucks - way more food than any one person could possibly eat.
Loreta Announcing How the Serving Will Work
Dianna and Doug Going Through the Line
Everyone Ready to Eat
For our contribution to the meal, Dianna and I brought two different recipes of sweet potatoes, one with garlic and rosemary, onion, olive oil, apples and of course, the sweet potatoes. For the other, we included apples, papaya, sweet potatoes, honey and butter mixed together as a glaze. Both turned out great.
Table One Takes Their Turn
Table One Takes Their Turn
Of course, everyone's contributions turned out great. They always do. We had ham, turkey, salads, pies, ice cream (which I never did find), and a whole assortment of hors d'oeuvers, along with a couple bottles of a nice Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon to help wash everything down.
A Couple of Plates, Ready to Go
Jim and Melanie even provided a bartender (George, a college student) to take care of all the bottles, and two attendants (Marta, their housekeeper and her sister) to help with serving and take care of any needs at the tables. It was a posh affair, for sure.
George the Bartender
Marta and Her Sister
As we were supposed to do at Thanksgiving, everyone ate till they were ready to pop. Of course, after dinner a large part of the group gravitated to the patio, some smoking, everyone talking and laughing.
Linda's Dad, Linda and Nellie
Lola and Bill - Everyone Relaxing
 Guess Who?
Brad had brought his guitar to entertain, and so he opened his case and proceeded to do exactly that.
Brad Enjoying A Sol (Contraband?)
Brad is the music teacher at the local college (high school) here in Corozal. His wife Christina, usually helps with the entertainment and such. She's a pretty unique personality in her own right and is quite entertaining. However, she wasn't here as she's spent the past couple of months in a hospital in Oregon in the States, after suffering a pretty severe cardiac problem.

She got discharged from the hospital a few days ago, and flew to New York to spend Thanksgiving with her parents and her sister. Somehow, (I don't know if it was planned or just occurred spontaneously) Mae happened to call her so that we could sing Christina her favorite song - 'I Can See Clearly Now' over a cell phone. A novel idea.

I happened to switch my camera over to video for the occasion and below is the result. We had quite a lot of fun doing it. Amazingly, you can hear Christina on the speaker-phone.
The Crowd Entertaining Christina From 3,000 Miles Away

I shortened the video a bit. Hopefully, you'll find it entertaining as well. And yes, I made a DVD of the entire video for Brad and Christina to enjoy. BTW, Christina will be coming back to Corozal in about ten days, so we're all looking forward to seeing her again.

Just your usual holiday party in paradise, you might say.

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