09 November, 2009

Catching Up

I guess this could be considered the same thing as the "grab-bag", only I have just the one topic... Well, alright two.

First up the rain we endured the past week or so. As Rigrat, one of the denizen's of the Belize Forums (, said, "We got just exactly the right amount, we just didn't want it all at once."

Elsie's Lot During the Deluge
Our Garden Area & Drain Field
No Danger of the Pool Running Low On Water
Our Parking Area - About 6" of Water
Our modifications to the drainage system we have have been working well. Just need one or two additional floor drains installed in the parking area to keep that relatively free of water. We'll get those installed this coming dry season. Then we should be in good shape.

Next up, another shot of the waterfront. I just love the "golden hour". The colors are simply amazing. Having cooperative subjects helps too.
Watching the Sunrise
I just marvel at the views we get every morning along the waterfront. We're always amazed that this is included as a freebie in our tour package.

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