01 October, 2009

Afternoon Delight

After a hard day of doing the sort of stuff the Jerry Seinfeld Show became famous for, we decided to have a nice, leisurely lunch with Doug and Twyla at Hailey's Beach, near where we all live.

What could be finer,
Than to be at Hailey's Diner,
In the afternoon?
- Sung to the tune of Carolina in the Morning, a popular song by Gus Kahn (lyrics)
& Walter Donaldson (music), first published in 1922 by Jerome H. Remick & Co.,
now in the public domain.
Inside Hailey's Beach
It was one of those idyllic lazy afternoons in paradise - warm breeze wafting through the palm trees, waves gently lapping at the shore, mere feet from our table, sunlight filtering through the edges of the palapa thatch roof sheltering us, a nice pint of ice-cold draft Belikin in our...

Wait a minnit here. That's wrong. Oh sure, there was the breeze wafting and it was warm and gentle, there was the lapping waves mere feet away, we even had the filtered sunlight and the palapa thatch... But, we didn't have the draft pint of ice-cold Belikin.

Instead, contrary to what we had been led to believe would be delivered, we had in its place, ice-cold bottles of Belikin... You heard right - bottles. That's right, mere bottles of Belikin.

Well, let me tell you, once we recovered from the shock of being deprived of draft pints of ice-cold Belikin, and instead being served Belikin in bottles, we said... Ok. That's fine. And we promptly downed the first ones delivered to our table.

Then we got serious about what to order for lunch. Dianna and Twyla ordered the Chicken Botana, as good looking as the first time we were there. Doug and I ordered the Fat Burgers with Fries. Definitely in the running for one of Corozal's finest burgers.
Dianna Saying "Hi" At Hailey's Beach
Of course we had to wash everything down with several more bottles of Belikin. Rough duty with no draft available, but we had volunteered for the job after all. We were up to it, and acquited ourselves with great honour nevertheless.
Twyla Enjoying Hailey's
Doug Enjoying Hailey's
Only later did we find out the trouble with the draft Belikin. It seems their "oxygen" system as the bar girl said, was broken, so they had no way to pump the draft to the mugs, hence being relegated to bottles.
The Bar At Hailey's Beach
Managing to overlook such severe problems, we were able to have a perfectly enjoyable afternoon, filling our bellies and whiling away the hours in the filtered sunlight, listening to the waves gently lapping, and feeling the warm breeze gently rustling through the palms.


Anonymous said...

The Burgers at Hailys sucked. I guess you like McDonalds also.

mtom said...

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