26 August, 2009

We Help Nigel Bring in the Big Six-Oh

Yesterday we helped Nigel celebrate his 60th birthday. A lively party got underway about 4:00 PM, graciously hosted by Jim at his bay-front home.

I'm sixty years of age. That's 16 Celsius.
- George Carlin

Everyone more or less gravitated to the pool-side patio to enjoy the still air. No breeze at all, to speak of.

Following the party instructions, everyone brought their fav "hootch", so with that and plenty of chips and dip, things moved right along.

I've a whole slew of photos of the event here and rather than try to caption each, I'll just let you peruse at your leisure.
Roger C. and Doug - Wendy Pouring
Wendy Modeling Her Knickers
Bill and Roger T.
Jim, Our Host, Wooing Loreta
Dianna, Dave, and Frank - Nigel's Photo
Jim Again
Roger T. and Dianna At the Pool
B'day Boy Nigel Flanked by Loreta and His Wife, Jenni
Bill and Loreta With Nigel
Graham, Roger T., Jim and Wendy
Bill, Loreta, Jenni and Nigel
Jim, Wendy, Dianna, Dave and Frank - Nigel's Photo
Bill and Loreta
Doug and Sandra
Bill and Loreta, Nigel's Shooting Too
Nigel Still Shooting
Roger C. and Wendy, Frank and Others
Everyone looking Comfy
Jim's Newly Rehabbed Pool
More of the Group
Graham and Roger T.
Nigel and Jim At the Bar
Loreta Struggling With the Opener
Mr. Birthday Himself
Jenni Mixing Punch
Bill And His Crazy Antics
Jim, Our Host Again
Jenni and Jim
Gathered Around Under the Palapa
Roger C. and Doug
Doug (again) and Sandra
Graham, Roger T., and Wendy
Jim Spying on Nigel
Bill Entertaining Dianna
Dianna Having Fun
Frank (Linda's Dad) and Linda Getting Chow
Mmmm, Good
Dave, Still In A Photo Mood - Nigel's Photo
Linda, Wendy and Jenni Divvying Up the Cakes
Linda and Wendy At It Too
Frank, Roger T., Sandra and Graham
Roger C. Trying to Fix Jim's PC
Linda, Wendy, and Jenni
Nigel Having A Good Time
Jenni and Loreta Acting Up
Jenni and Jim
Ok, so I put captions on the photos anyway. That way, you'll have an idea who you're dealing with.

After the mozzies (as the Brits call mosquitos) came out, and came out in force, we all retreated inside to the kitchen, where the serious damage began to occur to all the food folks had brought.

It was a fun evening. So much so, that everyone had to drive home in the dark - something we normally try, at all costs, to avoid.

So, anyway... Happy 60th Nigel. We're looking forward to helping you celebrate many more!

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Belizean Beach Bums said...

Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Nigel.