18 July, 2009

Marketplace Update and More

Construction continues at a feverish pace. I mean, my God... Just look at the progress here, will ya?

Footing holes already dug for half of the new bodegas in the marketplace. Construction speed that is simply unheard of - well, at least here in Corozal.

Footing Holes Sprouting Everywhere
This afternoon, while getting ready for the Men's Group meeting, this time at our place, I spied a visitor on our back screen door. A pretty praying mantis. He (or she) wasn't really interested in what I had going on, so after I snapped this photo, I left him/her to his/her own devices.

I'll have to look it up to see if it's a praying mantis or a preying mantis. Sort of different ends there - one feeds the soul and one feeds the bod, or is it a play on words? Hmmm, I wonder.
Screen Door Visitor
Well, it turns out it's a Praying Mantis. Often, it's incorrectly written "Preying Mantis", usually because of its aggressive nature. Thanks Wikipedia.

Now this morning. As Twyla and I were walking the doggies into town, as we were approaching the fishermen's pier, something just didn't look right to me.
What's Wrong With This Picture?
I told Twyla, "I think one of the boats has sunk." Neither of us could recall any bad weather during the night, so unless a through-hull fitting failed or a wooden something or other failed, I can't imagine what caused the problem.

As we approached the pier, there was no doubt as to what happened. One of the fishing boats had definitely sunk - motor and all. No one seemed to be in any great hurry to raise it from the depths, so we contented ourselves with a couple of photos and then continued on our way.

Definitely a Problem
Didn't appear to be any sheening from fuel, so that was a good thing. Lord only knows what kind of damage salt water will do to the motor and controls over the long term.

Yah, she's sunk alright.
When I passed by later in the morning, like around 10:30 AM, the boat had been re-floated and again, no one was around, so maybe damage had been minimal.

On our way back from the morning walkies, I stopped to take a picture of the new Hailey's Beach (used to be Hailey's, then it was the Hurricane, and now it's Hailey's once again. They seem to have decorated the place quite nicely - curved bar and all. Several outside seating options are available, a play area for kids and off-street parking.

Their sign says they have a seafood menu and also serve Belizean Cuisine. As long as the beer's cold and the chow is good, we'll participate. I'm looking forward to our first trip down there. Might just ride our bicycles down for some refreshment.
Hailey's Beach


Unknown said...

I'm glad to see them get that place going again... it was quite an eyesore just coming into town!

Also nice to see the improvements to your shopping mall (market)!


Dave Rider said...

Hailey's has outdoor seating as well. Some under a palapa and some seating under palms. Even has a children's play area. I guess the kids can play whild mom and dad get a snootfull.

Unknown said...

I have a question that is totally off topic, I think. But since you are talking construction maybe not. I am just curious as to where the new sign for Corozal Bay Resort is located. I'm aware of the long-standing strife between Doug and Tony's and wondered if it showed up in where Doug placed the sign. Is it on the Ferry Road or on the main highway by Tony's sign?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

The sign is located right in front the resort, right at the entrance. It's combined with a planter box that runs from the entrance almost to the gateway tothe restaurant/bar/pool. Looks like they intend to eventually spiff up the landscaping there... eventually.


Anonymous said...

Dave have you ever found a masonic lodge there? I'm looking at come down to Stann Creek to build a solar development. Jim PM

Dave Rider said...

WB Jim,
Not a working lodge. I have found a lodge building here in Corozal. The best I've been able to do so far is meet one other Mason, now you. Maybe we can get together and start something like a Goose and Gridiron thing every now and then.
Or maybe petition the UGLofE to re-establish an old retired Belize lodge.
Unfortunately, the Masonic landscape here is bare.
Good to hear from you.

Cheers and Fraternally,

WB Dave