07 July, 2009

An' Jus' a Li' Bit More...

Really, just a li' bit more to finish off the drain pipes.

Here's the finished product. Cody "turned and burned", as we used to say in the (USN/USCG - take your pick) to finish the project today.

Now, we're ready for any rain. I think all total, we now have five floor drains installed at various places in the yard. So, even if we do get flooded, it should dissipate rather quickly.

All Finished and looking Good
And now, from the other direction. "I almost can't wait till it rains," he said, non-committally, in a manner that should not tempt the fates to let havoc befall the region.
And Looking the Other Way


tacogirl said...

Fingers crossed for you that all goes well when it rains.

Dave Rider said...


Thanks. So far so good. I was in San Pedro when it did rain. But I guess it wasn't enough to really acivate drainage.