14 July, 2009

A Few Bits and Bytes Are Going To Mars

Hey, this is something kinda cool, kinda different, just a little strange, and it doesn't cost a dime.
My name is going to Mars and I have an official certificate to prove it.

I found the link on Reddit ( I submitted my name and wham, bam... I was a certificate holder and Mi nombre es ir a Marte!

Proof Is In the Certificate
Who knows when, and who cares? You can do the same thing too. Do it for your kids and the grand kids. Heck, do it for your dogs and cats too. Just follow this link ( to the official NASA "Send Your Name to Mars" site, and someday your John Hancock will be winging its way to the red planet. How cool. It just don't git much more vicarious than this.

Oh, and BTW, according to NASA's International List of Participants, my name is the first from Belize to be going.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Way cool, I think I will send mine also...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info.. I added my name and Karol's -- so she's going to Mars and won't even know it. We were pretty low on the participation map in South Carolina - only 400 or so... but better 'n Belize!!

Anonymous said...


If you'd wanted total immersion you'd have stopped at Chetumal. Irregular verbs are a real pain, but fortunately there aren't *that many

mi nombre es ir a Marte= my name is Go to Mars

mi nombre va a Marte= my name goes to Mars

I'm thinking it won't matter at all to the Martians :)


Dave Rider said...

Hi Texican,

Well, that dang Google Translator... You just can't get quality stuff out of a stupid machine.
Still, I think you're right. Especially once they begin their invasion - we'll all be in the soup then.

Anonymous said...

By the time I had a choice, I'd studied Latin French and German for many years. None of those are very practical for a kid in Texas. Spanish seemed much easier, especially because there are many English and Spanish words that are cognate; they look and/or sound the same in both tongues, and they can get you into trouble. Having arrived overdue for a meal with my future father-in-law, I appologized confidently telling the little old man that I and his daughter were very sorry, and "embarazados" for the regretable delay. Of course I had meant to say that we were "embarrassed" for the inconvenience we'd caused our hosts. The gentleman was close to loosing his composure when thank-goodness someone corrected my mistake explaining that NO, we were NOT *pregnant*, just sorry for arriving late!