28 June, 2009

The Weekend Has Arrived

Thankfully, I have my Thunderbird Email calendar to let me know that. Otherwise, I'd be totally confused. Every day here seems like Saturday to me.

Since yesterday was, in fact, Saturday, for some reason, we had entertainment by Captain Roby and the Original Band at the waterfront park (known as Plaza del Trabajador) across (or in front of as they say here) from the Social Security office on the Northern Highway at the entrance to Corozal.

The concert started at 1:00 PM, with a steel pan band and some other musical acts and DJs handling the opening honors.
Captain Roby In Concert
A Belizean musician, native Corozaleno, Roberto Hoare, is more commonly known as Captain Roby. He is putting the finishing touches on his second album. Recorded at Ludwig Studios in Belize city, the album is due to be released in September just in time for all of the national celebrations and the Carnival Song Competition this fall. It will feature mostly soca tunes.

Soca, for those who don't know, is hot, sexy, fast, and fun to dance to, with lots of whistles, flag and arm waving. It originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the eastern Caribbean islands and is popular throughout the Caribbean.

Roby's first album, Carnival Back Inah We Belize, has been popular throughout Belize since its release.
Next up is a short update on the antenna tower and guy wires that I've been working on. the antenna tower is for the WiFi antenna that I wanted to provide Internet capability to our guest house without having to run huge amounts of cable, etc. And, since it uses an omni-directional antenna, it has the capability of providing Internet access to some of the adjascent properties.
Guy Wires Being Strung
Here's a couple of shots of the wires, all properly tensioned. The project is finally done. Hooray!
Guy Wires, Ceramic Insulators, Turnbuckles
, and Cable Clamps Too, All Contribute
Last night, on our back porch, we had a little visitor. This little guy (about 3" long, crouching) was found up in the rafter ledge of the back porch. Obviously hunting bugs, he looked pretty alert and wasn't concerned in the least that I was taking his photo.
Froggie Comes A-Visitin'
Unfortunately, my camera settings were a smidge off so don't expect much if you expand the photo.
Now that it's Sunday, we're taking a well-deserved day off. We did a little laundry, Dianna swept the floors, we washed the dishes, I've updated the blog, and at 2:00 PM, the Mariners are on TV again. It'd be nice if they win, but I won't say anything. I don't want to jinx them.


Julian in SC said...

Hi Guys,

Just curious... is that banner just in front of the old Hurricane Bar next to Tony's. The wall sure looks like it.


Dave Rider said...

Ah, a good eye. You're close. It's actually at the other end, right next to the small stream that empties into the bay - where what used to be called "Cannon Corners" - was located.
Thanks for reading,