23 May, 2009

Gecko Pron - Safe For Work, You Betcha!

Alright, kiddies... Avert your eyes. I don't think any of you are old enough to be watching this stuff.
18 U.S.C. Section 225 Compliance Notice
In compliance with United Status Code, Title 18, Section 2257 (whatever the hell all that is), all models, actors, actresses and other critters appearing in any visual depiction in this blog posting of actual sexually explicit conduct, were at least considered to be adults at the time such depictions were created.
After a great afternoon's swim in the pool, Dianna, Elsie and I had gone upstairs to the house to have some of the exceptional lobster salad dinner that Dianna had fixed. This was followed by some nice strawberry ice cream, which we ate on our front porch, where we could enjoy the view of the pool and a peek-a-boo view through the trees of the bay.

All of a sudden, our attention was diverted by some extremely lascivious and wanton behavior right before our eyes. These two geckos were outright "Gittin 'er done", if you catch my meaning, and if you catch my drift.
Daring Couple Posing in the Boudoir
Why, we were so shocked and upset with the carnal behavior going on right there in front of us that I felt compelled to jump up, grab my camera and snap a couple of pictures... For evidence, of course, should the need arise.

Well, let me tell you. That did nothing to deter these two. No sir! They just kept on doing what they were doing regardless of the three of us or the camera. They just really didn't care what we were doing.

So, to be able to provide more documentation for the authorities, should it be necessary, I switched over to movie mode. My camera only shoots silent movies, which in this case was a moot issue as the dialog was really limited.

Here it is in all it's sordid detail - in focus and everything. I know you'll be as aghast as we were at this display of carnal passion and lascivious behavior.
Gecko Pron, the Movie

If you made it through to the end, as I did, I know you'll be as deterred from viewing similar material at least until you click onto the National Geographic Channel later today.

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Anonymous said...

I believe I detected a smile on the female gecko. Happiness is a good romp in the hay even if geckoes don't need hay. Sorry I missed the ice cream. Norm