05 May, 2009

Army Ants, US Army - Working Together?

Is there a conspiracy? Let's examine the facts before us. First we had what appeared to be a minor army ant invasion this last Sunday. And then, yesterday morning, I heard there were a bunch of US Army troops that had arrived and were staying at the Las Palmas Hotel here in Corozal. Then, this morning it all began to come together.

I took Miss Blue to see Dr. Sheila. Sheila had sent me an email last evening saying she had been in communications with some other vets where Blue and her thyroid condition came up. She wanted to give Blue a vitamin B12 shot to see if that helped her metabolize the thyroid medicine.

When I got to Sheila's this morning with Miss Blue in tow, she mentioned the Army folks that're in town for some humanitarian assistance activities in the outlying villages around here. She said, in connection with that mission, there were a couple of veterinarians (yes, the Army has it's own Veterinarians) who had stopped by to see Sheila. During the course of their conversation, Miss Blue's condition came up and one of the vets mentioned some new research indicating the benefits of vitamin B12 injections. So that's why she emailed me.

Sheila said it was really good to be able to talk shop (veterinarian speak, that is) with some US trained veterinarians for a while.

So, the connection with the army ants? Well, first the reconn and invasion by the army ants, followed in short order by a district-wide visit (for humanitarian purposes, of course) by US Army regulars, and then our cat becomes the topic of discussion. Is there a link here? A suspicious mind would want to know. A paranoid mind would already know.

Has Miss Blue been spying on us? Those times when she appears to be staring off into space or gazing at something that we can't see - is that when she's in communication with her home base? Have these troops (both the ants and the humans) come in for some secretive and mysterious pupose that only she and the Army are aware?

Hmmm, I may have to retire to the sanctum sanctorum of the pool and think through this issue with the aid of Belikin or two, to try and ferret out the true nature of what's going on here. Of course, this may call for an extended session or three... Where is that beer truck?


Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh when I read this in the office today. "A suspicious mind would want to know. A paranoid mind would already know." caused me to almost roll under my desk. A very enjoyable read.

Anonymous said...

Dave, Check the level of Chlorine in your pool. I think it's getting to you. Ha!

Dave Rider said...

Vivien and Anymouse - Thanks for the nice comments. It was fun to write too.