18 April, 2009

They Messin' Wi' Me

My last post, this morning, had a nice ending, virtually complaining that the missing link in the road repair process was the roller. And that it wasn't coming, deep tracks would result, spawning a whole bunch of new pot holes, etc., etc.

Well, low and behold, what shows up? The roller. He even had the nerve to wave to me. Doesn't he know he's screwed up a wonderful ending to my post?

I really think the Minister has read my postings and is just messin' wi' me. I can see it now. He's directed the crews to just wait till I post something, then send out the next piece of gear. Dang it. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.
The Roller Approaches
Man, is it ever heavy too. As it rolls past, the whole place vibrates strongly. Wow. It just doesn't look like it's that heavy.
the Roller At Work
Another View of the Roller
Actually, I'm pleased as punch that the roller has shown up. Smooth roads beat pot holes and speed bumps every time. They're just not as much fun to write about.

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