27 April, 2009

They Don't Miss A Lick

Just this afternoon I got the following email:
Subject: First US swine flu victims!
From: Latricia Appell (email address from the UK, of all places)
Time: 13:28
To: Me at my email address (and fifty bazillion other folks, no doubt)

Got question about our goods? 24-7 our specialists are online to help you http://at a bullshit Chinese URL.
Now I'm sure we'll be inundated with spam promising to cure swine flu, or prevent it, or...

At least they're getting off the old broken record of promising to make Mr. Johnson as big and hard as a tree stump.

It's interesting, in a forensic sort of way, that the email address came from the UK and the URL is from our good friends at the PRC - that's the People's Republic of China, for those who are acronymically challenged.

Gosh, I wonder what will come to my inbox next?

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