01 April, 2009

The Proof is in the... Delivery

I know a lot of folks think this is a third world country. But, let me ask you, Do you get Coke and Beer delivered directly to your front door on a weekly basis? We do. Now, is that cool or what?

Naturally, the idea of snapping the delivery guys didn't strike me till after the Belikin delivery guys had come by and dropped off a case of beer. But, I was in time to catch the Coke delivery guys as they were making a delivery at our gate. No extra charge either. It's the same price as if I picked it up at the distributors up on the hill. Now how cool is this?
Hey Coke Man!
Just like having a boat, except the reverse. Maintenance on a pool never ends. You just get to play in it once in a while. Here's Cody and Dianna scrubbing the pool this morning. The temp of the pool has been holding at about 90º - 92º (f) over night without the cover and warming up to about 92º - 94º (f) during the day.
Cody and Dianna Hard at Work
Cindy Supervising
Here's me. Awww, it's a rough life, I'll tell ya.
Dave Relaxing

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