11 April, 2009

Just Another Ho-Hum Day In Paradise

The day started off much as many others do with the sun coming up just as I left the property to walk the dogs. That part of the day was quite routine. Twyla and I walked into town along the waterfront, said hi to the usual early walkers and runners we came across.

We stopped at the market where I went inside to one of the butchers there and bought 8 lbs of knuckle bones - all nicely chopped up on the spot for the doggies. He puts all the bits into four baggies for me so I can balance the load between Secret and Cindy. They have to work for a living, so they get to carry all of that back home. They usually are pooped when we arrive.

On the way back, we saw Kent Cattouse from Alta Mira, working on the Corozal Bay Resort sign.

Doug and Twyla have had him do quite a bit of work at their place. Twyla said, "He does a bang up job on vehicle upholstery and re-upholstering cushions, couches etc." He also did the custom doggie bed hammock for their dogs, but they didn't know he also doubled as a sign painter till this morning.
Kent Painting Corozal Bay Resort's New Sign
After we got back, I put all the bones in the oven to bake them at 200 (f) for an hour or so before we re-bag and freeze them. They get one apiece each evening after supper. They're not spoiled... Nosiree.

Then I worked on the coding for the blog to try to fix it so Internet Explorer users wouldn't have a continuing problem. I didn't make much, if any, progress, so sent a copy of the code to Scott hoping he can help.

Then, we watched a movie (Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford) for about the 20th time. During that, I took a break from the action to refuel and oil the generator and give it its weekly test run, just to keep it limber. During the test run, we actually lost power for about 5 minutes - done, I'm sure, just to keep us limber as well.

Then I added some chemicals to the pool while it was running, in preparation of a well-deserved pool time this afternoon. Oh yes. I also restocked the beer fridge with Belikin and Coke.

And presently, I'm doing this - updating the blog. Then we'll do the pool thing. Dan, from across the street will probably come over as well.

My God, this all makes for a busy, busy day. I need a nap.

Late breaking news... Dan didn't make it over, but we did swim. Now we're relaxing in front of the tube. Soon, it'll be time for bed (Yawn).

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