17 April, 2009

It Must Be the Rally Fries!

Through the miracle of satellite technology, I'm sitting here in our living room (Dianna went to bed) and I'm watching the Seattle Mariners playing the Detroit Tigers at Safeco Field. With Ichiro in right field and Junior (Ken Griffey, Jr.) back with the M's after a long stint in, where was it, Cincinnati or somewhere, everything just seems right with the universe.

The M's just rallied in the 5th inning, down 3-0, to take a 5-3 lead. Woohoo!

Still with the miracle of satellite technology, I'm still sitting here watching the game, but I'm also writing this for the blog. As soon as I hit [Publish Post], zing, away it goes over the ether, to travel around the world to appear on your PC.

With luck, I'll be able to catch a few of the M's games this year. Even with the satellite system and it's menu, it seems I still have a hard time catching their games. Well, that's not entirely true. What is true, sometimes I do find their games, but I have a hard time staying awake long enough to watch them. Like tonight. The only reason I'm up watching this game, is I took a nap this afternoon before we went to Gail and Earl's for a fun party for their daughter and her friend, both visiting from Canada, eh.

I just heard from Perry. He got into town this afternoon (well, Consejo), after a trip through Mexico. H left me a message saying that he was able to pick up some bits for me for the antenna. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with him fairly soon.

We're getting near ready to start work on the waterfall for the swimming pool. I lined up an angle-grinder from Jim. It's air-powered, and he as a compressor. So, with a bit of luck, I'll soon have the notch in place for the waterfall. Hooking up the plumbing should go pretty easily. The hard bit will be installing the mosaic under the waterfall.

Oh, my God. The announcer for the game just said the temperature at the ball park had dropped down to 50° (f). I couldn't stand that anymore. The lowest the temp got here this last winter was 58° (f) and we froze!

It is really nice seeing Junior in a Mariner's uniform again, facing the pitcher and locking in with his eyes... and getting a base hit. It was also neat seeing him, late in the game, still able at 39 (I think), to charge around the bases from 1st and score.

Oh, yes. Before I forget, the"rally fries" - seems to be the catch phrase for Mariner's fans this year. Especially since the Safe has such great food. I love that ball park.

The Mariners just won! And the Angels lost tonight too, giving the M's a 3 1/2 game lead. M's are in first place! This could be the year...

It's 10:37 PM... Way past my bedtime, nap or no nap. I'm going to bed.


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