02 March, 2009

Wonder of Wonders

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles... Ok, so maybe it's not quite that spectacular. In fact, I know it isn't. But, Google has updated our Satellite imagery on Google Earth!

Ok, so the resolution isn't so hot - you can't zoom down as close as you'd like, and

Ok, it's just a little dated already with the image being a year old - no shot of the swimming pool or guest house.

But, at least you can tell that we've done some stuff on the property, as have people all around us. It is an improvement even with the problems above.
See? We're the Ones Waving
Thank you Google Earth! Let's try to be a little more punctual next time. Six years is just a tad too long to wait for satellite imagery to be updated. But, thanks all the same. We appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

We have learned so much from reading your blogs. We are living in northern british columbia canada and are very if not to say extremely jealous of you life. I know its not right but I can't help it. We are coming to Corozal on March 2o and hope to find some land there. We are planning to retire in Belize in five years. Your information has only prompted us to persue this more.It is exactly what we want our life to be, appreciative of what is, not what we have. Cheers maybe we'll bump into you in the market:) Cheers Laurie and Wayne