13 March, 2009

TGIF... Again

Well, we made it to another Friday... Almost time for the weekend. Of course, when every day seems like a Saturday, it's kind of hard to get whipped into a frenzy about the weekend.

Today is one of those days when I actually have to do real work. Since we have an employee (our caretaker, Cody) I have to pay Social Security each month. Today's the day for that as the payment is due on the 14th of each month.

While I'm down at the Social Security office, I'll take the opportunity to find out how I go about getting a Belize Social Security card. Yesterday, I was down at the Corozal Transport office, transferring the title to the big truck to Bob. I asked the Transport guys what I needed to do to get a Belize driving license. He told me the first thing is to get a Social Security card. I don't know if that's a new requirement or just new enforcement of an existing rule or possibly, he was off base. Anyway, I'll ask and see what's entailed. It might be that we have to wait till we get our residency to get the card, which would make sense. I'll let you know what I find out.

Our other task for today is to wrap up a mattress and box spring we bought from Andrew and Janice, so that bugs or other critters don't get into it before we can set it up in the guest house.

One of the true joys of being in Corozal is the morning walks. Part of that is walking along the seafront, especially at sunrise.

Most mornings, we see a gentleman, (I'm assuming he's homeless, but I don't know for sure). He's dressed reasonably well - not in rags or anything, and he's usually going through the trash bins lining the waterfront, collecting bottles, etc., for the deposit value. Whenever we see him, we exchange greetings. Nearly always, his greeting is "Good morning, my brother". There's never a request for money or anything else, just that simple "Good morning, my brother". It is such a heart-warming and humbling experience each time.

This simple act provides, for me, all the good that Belize has to offer. Regardless of the crime we hear about in the big city, or the obvious hard times some folks have. That simple "Good morning, my brother" is such an inclusive thing to have happen over and over.

Tie that together along with views like this:
Sunrise At Anchor
or this for a slightly different view, and remember, we see this virtually every day.
Sunrise From This Angle
Is it any wonder why we love this place? (An aside - BonBon, if you don't walk early mornings along the waterfront, you're missing one of life's treasures, really! No almost about it.).

The Corozal Bay Inn has a smallish construction project underway. I think it's going to be a new sign right beside their driveway. What is cool is the inclusion of the two gargoyles. These two guys have been sitting atop the old fence since we moved here (I have a picture of them here: It looks like they're going to thatch the top of the sign too and it appears that there will be a planter at the bottom. Should be nice.
Corozal Bay Inn Signage
And, finally, lest we forget what's really important...

Miss Blue enjoys sunrises, as long as she can sit in the path of the rays, and when that activity is done, why, it's nap time.
Blue's First Nap of the Morning


Richard Lawry said...

It is cold and nasty here in Arkansas. i long for a morning walk in Belize. While I am visiting in Belize I get up every morning and walk for a couple of hours. It is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It the time I have spent there I have only had one person beg for money.

An Arkies Musings

Anonymous said...

Dave and Dianna,
I just wanted to tell you that every since Bonbon said that she likes to read your blog in the morning with coffee, I've decided to try it, too! VERY nice!
We haven't moved to Belize yet, but we do have property in Sarteneja. We met Bonbon at the Regatta last March in Sarteneja, and she is an awesome lady!
Not sure when we're coming back, but we sure would love to meet both of you!
"Good Morning, my brother"...says it all!
Have a great day!
Judy and Dale

Anonymous said...

You know when I first moved to Corozal I lived near the water, And did that walk everyday. And the Man who you meet was always on My route. And your right He never asked for anything. Also up from main peir the homeless were usually bathing in the Sea, When I did my Walk, And washing there clothes there also. Even some homeless want to be Clean... But I may get back to that walk ....Someday!