23 March, 2009

New Stuff On the Blog

These are some new things I've added to the blog Let me know if you like them, or not. If you don't like an item, let me know what is causing the problem for you.

A Directory - Hey, are you looking for something we may have written about in the past? I used to have a list of "labels" or topics in the right-hand column, but it got to be too long to be usable. So, what to do? Well, I found a widget that I could modify and works as a drop-down menu. Look down the right-hand column to the end of the list for "Looking For A Previous Topic?" Click on it and you can scroll down to find the topic you're interested in.

A Bunch of Photos - The Flickr Collection allows you to access all of the photos we've posted on the blog. Simply click on the (admittedly small) thumbnail image that you might be interested in and it should take to directly to the full-sized photo.

Some Tunes - This one isn't real new, but I thought it might be fun. Some folks click on a song and the widget cycles through all the songs while they surf the blog. Kind of a neat feature.

Lotsa Flags - A modification of the usual counter. This lets you know where folks visiting the blog are from. Kinda cool.

A Video - Down at the bottom of the blog - The latest video from the Belize Tourism Board. This lets you know why we're here. Our house doesn't have a beach, but we're within a 17-minute plane flight from San Pedro or a 25-minute flight to Placencia and other southern locations all in Belize. We do have palm trees, parrots, and tons of other birds, etc., etc.

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Richard Lawry said...

I like the new stuff, especially the video. Thanks. My latest post is about a friend that I made in Belize.

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