24 March, 2009

New Furniture and Hot Peppers

The other day, I talked about our new furniture and included a picture of the clothes storage thingie. Well, here's the matching nightstands all properly arranged to go along with it.
 Matching Nightstands
If you're wondering about the mosquito netting - it's not for mosquitoes. We have very few of those (knock on wood), but it does serve a dual purpose. 1) It keeps the cats off the bed, so they have to find someplace else to lounge during the day, and 2) It keeps gecko poop off the bed. Yes, we have geckos and they have the run of the house. They work diligently to keep the bug population down in the house (including mosquitoes). But you know the old saw about what goes in, comes out. They must eat a lot of bugs... There are people down here who try to fight the geckos to keep them out of their houses, but it's a losing battle. Let 'em do their thing. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Cleaning up little gecko poopies is a minor thing. Besides, geckos are quite entertaining too.

Our pepper crop is growing like gang-busters. We always said these things looked like miniature Christmas trees. Little did we know, that's what they're called - Christmas Peppers (Capsicum Anniuum). And, are they hot! Even though they're called Christmas Peppers, they seem to grow peppers for most of the year. They just make little multi-colored peppers that look like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

I've been thinking about trying to make a batch of "Winjama Salsa." I've found a nice recipe on the World Wide Intertubes that I thought I'd give a try and see how it comes out. I'll let you know. It'll be me trying it out as Dianna, being the good German that she is, doesn't go for even the hint of anything hot.
Christmas Peppers

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Sandy A. said...

those peppers are really pretty! I saw some in a gardening catalog--I may try to grow some!