07 March, 2009

Daylight "Savings" Time

I don't know where the savings is in that activity, but I'm just so glad we don't practice that down here. Looks like this Sunday most of the folks up north play the game and readjust all their clocks - internal and external.

Remember, "Spring forward... Fall Back"

Oh, it's so nice to not have to do anything about it other than consider it a mental gymnastics-type of exercise. Mainly trying to remember what time it is where you are at up north. It gets to be so confusing.

Life is so much simpler when you don't have to gyrate to some artificial machination about time.

On to real things... The doggies and I had a great walk this morning, our usual routes with a change up by D's Super Market and over to Dr. Sheila's. It was time for Secret and Cindy to get their 3-year Rabies and four other innoculations rolled into two shots apiece. Visiting Sheila made a nice interlude on the walk.

It was Secret's homecoming in a way. Before moving in with us, she lived at Sheila's for about two months. So, after the initial jitters, she just calmed down like no big deal. So did Cindy. I don't think there's much that rattles her. She maintains a calm air no matter what.

Today, I host the twice-monthly Corozal Men's Group meeting. So, I have to make sure to have some dip, chips and ice on hand. I think the pool will be ready for swimming. I've been fighting algae for a while. I think I'm finally getting the upper hand on it. So, even if it's slightly cloudy, I plan to go for a dip during the meeting.

Just before the meeting, I'll take Dianna downtown to Marisol's hair place. She has an appointment for a perm, so there won't be any women-folk at our meeting.

Well, I've got stuff to do, places to go, and people to see, so I'll catch you later.

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Richard Lawry said...

One of the things that seemed so unusual while I was in Belize was the sun going down at 6:00 in the evening.

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