02 February, 2009

Why? and Yippee!

I read just today on Slashdot (http://tech.slashdot.org) that Google is going to include imagery of the complete sea floor. My question is, Why?

As I commented on the Slashdot article, "I would be more impressed if Google updated all of the above water imagery. Our Belize maps and satellite photos haven't been updated in almost six years".

Yippee! We were called a little after 7:30 AM this morning by the Corozal Station of the Belize Police Department, Special Branch, for our second interview for residency. We hurriedly showered, dressed and headed off to our interview, which occurred a little after 9:00 AM. We first had to stop at Scotia Bank and retrieve our Belize documents (land certificate and copy of our application for residency), which, as it turned out, other than the land certificate, we really didn't need. All they wanted were documents generated here in Belize that helped prove who we were.

Fifteen minutes later, we were done. Piece of cake! Now all we have to do is wait three or four weeks, contact the Immigration Department, then head over to Belmopan to get our passports stamped (after giving them a pile of money too, as there is a substantial fee to seal the deal, so to speak). Anyway, we're almost there, as are our friends Doug and Twyla, who also had their interviews at Special Branch this morning. So we'll probably do another group road trip over to Belompan to "Git-er-done"!

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