08 February, 2009

Just Yesterday Morning

I have been meaning to take a photo of this structure in Corozal for some time. I pretty much had to wait till the sun rose early enough on our walkies to take it. Finally that happened.

People still live in this place. I'd love to see the inside. I bet you can't fill a coffee cup anywhere near the rim and set it down without spilling some. Eventually, some morning, the collapse will occur with the middle of the house settling to the ground first, pulling the rest of it in on itself accompanied by a big cloud of dust. Then it's just a load of kindling.
Local Architecture
You can tell by the red "Vote 7 UDP" banner that we're nearing local municipal elections. I think they're around the first part of March. UDP and PUP banners are all over town.

Not that we spoil our girls any, but they do sort of expect daily bones. They get them after supper in the evenings. Here's a shot of Cindy and Secret waiting patiently by the front door. Sometimes they just look so comical, trying to wait without showing too much excitement - till you open the door.
"Where's Our Bones?"


Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know , a new coat of paint, A couple of rugs and a few throw pillows . It could be quite homey. LOL

Anonymous said...

Talk about a disaster waiting to happen--OMG--any strong wind or quake or two and the building is history.

Dave Rider said...

Anymouse #1 - It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a place...

Anymouse #2 - It looks that way, but, it's weathered (so to speak) Hurricane Janet, Mitch, Dean and probably a few I didn't think of, plus all the tropical storms, etc., that we get down here. It's probably good for a few more. Not that I'd want to be in it.