04 January, 2009

Quiz Time

Why We Live here - Reason Number Four-Thousand-Three-Hundred-Twenty-Seven
Waiting for the Fishermen
Any Questions?


  1. Anonymous4/1/09 16:04

    Thats a great photo. Can you hire these boats to take you out fishing ?. Thanks . Pat

  2. Dave,
    Seen any more boats in the bay lately? I never did find out where the "Cats" were from.

  3. Hi Pat,
    I don't think so. But, there are fishing guides available from Sarteneja who're excellent and reasonably priced.
    The best way to get them is to work through Bill Bellerjeau at Cerros Beach Inn. The two we hired last year were excellent and had been on one of the outdoor shows on TV a couple of times (not that that improves their odds of finding fish, per se).
    Reach him or his wife Jenny at 011-501-625-9530 or 625-9765 or contact them through their website at http://www.cerrosbeachresort.com/.
    Bill will fix a box lunch for you as well.
    Don't forget to try his ceviche. It's always made fresh to order, and was recently voted the best ceviche in Belize by Lonely Planet!
    Bill and Jen are the coolest folks you'd ever want to meet. We love them.

  4. Hi Perry and Mischelle,
    No, other than the local fishermen. Too bad. A lot of sailboat fuel going to waste out there.
    I'd bet they're from one of the charter outfits on San Pedro.
    I'd love to see more here... someday.


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