18 January, 2009

Need a Title

Such a deal... Or, so it would seem at first glance. The first time we walked by In and Out Auto Supply, conveniently located across the street from the Corozal Police Station, as their radio advert says, I thought they were selling Havoline 40 gallons for $22.75 BZ. That would have been a real deal. On second glance, however, I realized what they were trying to say was "A gallon of Havoline, 40 weight, was for sale for $22.75".
How Is That Again?
I don't know if that's a good deal or not - $11.38 US for a gallon. Sounds like a good deal. Not that I'm shopping for oil at the present. I was just intrigued by the sign.

I've had a chance to get into my workshop and begin putting things away, more or less where they're supposed to go. It'll take several months to get it really organized, shifting things around to where it feels like they should be located.
My Workbench - Ready To Work
Anyway, it's a lot neater and I can at least find everything. I guess you can't really hope for much more than that. One thing I need to get fairly soon is a vice so I can mount it on the workbench. That is something I have really missed. It's surprising just how often I do use a vice.

Monday afternoon update...

We walked again this morning. I wanted to take a picture of the caravan of RVs parked over at Menzies. Unfortunately, it was too dark at the time (about a half hour before sunrise). Jeez, they all look much bigger than what I remember. And on these roads. I'll bet that's just tons of fun. Speedbumps probably help them reorganize their cabinet contents every time.

I did manage to catch a photo of a fisherman casting his net from the seawall this morning. This little camera does less than stellar on auto settings in dim light. I need to take the time to go manual I guess. Anyway, I played with solarization a smidge. Small size is ok. Blow it up and it looses all sharpness. Next time.
Casting From the Seawall
On our way back from the market, we generally pass the location where Abel, the mystical Mayan therapist has built a sweat lodge. Each day for the past week there have been changes and additions to it. They're building a changing/shower room behind it. Looks like it could be fun. Only in winter for me I think. I tend to sweat enough the rest of the year on my own.
Abel's Sweat Lodge


Anonymous said...

So what is it that you do in your shop ? here is what I make in mine
And here are some videos of me playing them
Most of them are just three strings. Pat

Dave Rider said...

Hi Pat,
I've watched your videos before - outstanding. I think you had written to the Belize Forums if I remember right.
I need to introduce you to Brad Moore. He's a music teacher at the high school here.
What do I do in my shop? It's too new to have done much other than put it together. Even so, it'll be used mostly to fix things. Tinkering and puttering.

Anonymous said...

Tinkering and puttering two of my favorite pasttimes