30 December, 2008

Tuesday Evening Update

Now, after a fairly hard day for the guys, it's beginning to look quite like a house. As the walls go up, so does the preliminary work for the electrical wiring. Below is a shot of Isidor running some of the Polyducto - an orange-colored, supposedly semi-rigid, flexible tubing.

It works fine until or unless it's compacted by the weight of concrete, or if it kinks in a bend. Several "experts" say it doesn't get compressed by concrete. That I have to dispute. We've seen several instances where just that exact thing has occurred. It also tends to kink easily, and even if not compacted by concrete, simply will not allow any sort of movement to run electrical wire through its tubing.
Esidoro Working Polyducto
It would probably be better in the long run to do electrical runs using schedule 40 PVC, but that would take longer, more labor, and probably cost more.

The two photos below show just how fast the walls are going up on this project.
Walls Appear to Go Up By Themselves
Apparently They Are
Late this afternoon, we're at the height for window positions to begin to be seen. You can see the kitchen window notch on the right side of the photo. The three boards are down on the deck to protect the deck wood from the heavy traffic of the workers. Same for the chairs upended - to keep them from using the deck as much as possible.
Worker Pathway
Miss Blue is an excellent escape artist. She simply never gives up and is always near a door when you go out or come in. And she's fast too.

On one of her legitimate excursions this evening, while she goes in search of grass to eat, to help that "full-body experience" that only cats can emulate (throwing up furballs), I shot this picture of her being quite serious while she's looking for more grass to much while she's up on the drain field garden.
Miss Blue Looking for Grass
Here's a last glimpse for this evening of the guest house from the edge of the pool deck. If you look closely, you can tell that both bedrooms are chock-a-block full (so to speak) of blocks for work over the next few days.

The block company only delivered three truckloads of block here today, so we've got a sh**load of block for the guys to go through.
Sunset View of the Guest House

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