02 December, 2008

Monday Morning Walkies

This morning, as Twyla and I were walking the girls, we took an alternate route into Corozal, to help keep things interesting for the girls and to keep us from getting bored.

As we walked along this road, bounded on either side by bush (jungle), guess what we saw trying to cross the road? This little 3- or 4-inch crayfish or crawdad as I knew them in my youth.

Hard to figure out what he was doing there, as I don't think there's any lake or even a creek of any size right there. Strange sight to see for sure.
Why Did the Crawdad Cross the Road?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave - Looks like a species of Procambarus crayfish.

This appears to be an immature (and I'd need to see the underside to be sure), but there are two closely-related species.

P. pilosimanus is the native critter for your area, and isn't very well described on the web (no photos, etc.)

P. clarkii is an introduced critter - - this is the Louisiana Red Claw that is featured in Cajun cookbooks - - and has spread throughout Central America.

About 5 pounds of these, boiled in salt water with a little cayenne, bay leaf, and whatever, and enjoyed with cold beer is my favorite recipe.