24 November, 2008

Time For a Now-And-Again Grab Bag

As often as not, and sometimes, mostly not, it's time for the Grab Bag of photos that document some of what we've been up to.

First up, Lynn and Pete visited us a short while ago. They're from Seattle and own a lot just across the canal from us. It'll still be a few years till they can retire (What a bummer!), but they do come down to visit every now and then.

When they came, they brought a couple of well appreciated gifts too. One of them rhymes with "computer". Anyway, it was nice to see them again.
Lynn and Pete
Pool Via Wide-Angle Lens
I took a few more shots here and there with my Canon SLR. Sure is nice to shoot with a real camera. I just don't like to run around too much with it.
Couple More Shots Using the Wide-Angle Lens
Enjoying the Deck, Using the Wide-Angle Lens
Last of the pool shots, here's a glimpse into the pool pump house. What a mess. I've been shopping for some shelving for it. Finally, I found some plastic shelving at Lydia's Emporium, on the north side of town. But, I still need to find a way to corral the growing stack of toys for the pool. It's amazing how quickly one accumulates these things.
Pool Toys in the Pool Pump House
I did shoot some of the inside of the house. I really like using my wid-angle zoom. It just covers everything so much better.
My Office - Neat As a Pin...
Our housekeeper, Edna or "Eddie", washing window screens. You would not believe how dirty those things get down here - especially since we don't have glass windows to stop air flow. They really act as filters for much more than just bugs!
Eddie Hard At Work
We thought we had lost Eddie some time ago, as she had moved temporarily to Mexico. Well, as soon as we found out she had come back to Corozal, we asked if she wanted to work for us again. Luckily, the answer was yes.

Here's a couple more shots with the wide-angle. This time of the kitchen and living room.
More Wide-Angle Shots
The Living Room
We've had workbenches on order now for some time with Comfort Rest Furniture Products, Ltd., here in Corozal. After several delays (not unusual down here, after all, it is Belize) we finally got Dianna's workbench. It's pretty crowded in these shots as she's just unpacking all her miniature hobby stuff.
Dianna's Workbench
Another View of Dianna's Workbench
Of course, not everything gets delivered at the same time. We're still waiting for my workbench to show up. And, there's a couple sets of storage shelves and a set of overhead cabinets for my workshop as well.

You can see from the photo below, that my workshop is ready for the workbench and cabinets... Maybe by Saturday, or possibly Monday, or... Who knows?
Wall Ready for Workbench and Overhead Cabinets
Some of the delays were due to weather - it was too wet with rain and humidity to apply finish to the workbenches, then, the van they use for deliveries, an old Frito-Lay van, broke a ball-joint coming back to Corozal with a load of lumber from Punta Gorda. The resulting accident sent the van into a ditch where it sat for two days till they could extricate it and the lumber.

Since we put in the swimming pool, Cody, our caretaker, has been busy building curbings to outline planting areas, etc. Here he is, putting "black dirt" into one of them.

Talking of black dirt, we made a new find. Something called "filo" (fee-low). It's actually the by-product from the rock-crushing operation at A-1 Gravel's crushing machine. It's some stone dust mixed with dirt that is cast off in the crushing process.

To look at it, it looks just like stone dust, but if you take a handful and rub it, it feels mostly like soil. And, it's really cheap. Like $10 a yard compared to $30 or so for black dirt. We'll probably still use black dirt when we dig a hole to plant a tree or something, but for general dirt in the yard for grass, etc., I think this is a find. It's certainly cheaper.
Cody Spreading Black Dirt
How about a couple more wid-angle shots? Ok, here's the canal, with pretty low water in it.
Looking North Along the Canal
Looking South Along the Canal
And, finally, a shot showing me walking the girls in the central, down-town park. This was thanks to Twyla this morning on our daily walk. She walks her two girls, Lola and Tupelo, and I walk Cindy and Secret.

Our circuit covers about 3-1/2 miles each day. We also stop and check the mail at the post office and the really big treat, stop at the market-place to purchase fruit, veggies and bones for the girls.

You'll notice Secret is wearing a back pack. Well, she has to earn her keep. She gets to carry all the fruit, veggies, bones, and mail, not to mention my jacket (it's been sooo cold early in the mornings, the past two weeks - like down to 60 or so). Lola has a similar pack.

I just ordered two more packs for Cindy and Tupelo. Cindy's will have to be tailored to fit. I've already consulted with Alex, a local street-side tailor, who is looking forward to modifying the new pack for her. Then all four doggies will be working for their goodies.
Dave and the Girls in Central Park


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Wonderful wide angle shots. Glad you got the camera. Nice talking to you this morning and to Dianna. I mentioned to her that I am anxious to get a "wide angle" perspective of the whole area. Distances from here to there etc.

Anonymous said...

Dear D & D:

Wanting to wish you both a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I can remember the time you hauled tables over to my house and then joined me and my family for Thanksgiving. We all had a great time and fond memories.

Dave, who's the stranger walking the two dogs???? (joke)

Miss Ya Both,