12 November, 2008

Godson's Baby Makes First Visit

This past Monday we got our first glimpse of our Godson's son - Joshua Emir Pech, when Isaiel and Amarily brought him by for a short visit. I'm not sure what that makes us in relation to Joshua - his God-grand parents?

Anyway, the little guy is a good looking baby with a full head of hair. Quiet as a church-mouse too, which was nice, even with the adults all jabbering.
Dianna Holding Joshua
Dave Taking His Turn Holding Joshua
Joshua's mother, Amarily is showing him off. To the right is all of us, Dianna, Amarily, Joshua, Amarily's big sister, and Isaiel.
Amarily Holding Joshua
Everyone in the Living Room
They could only stay a short time as they were on their way to Patchakan, a village northwest of here to have Joshua examined by a local practicioner, what we Gringos call a bush doctor. This is someone who practices traditional medicine, sort of a naturopath, using herbs, etc., to treat a variety of ailments and to ward off problems.

Locals use modern medicine as it's available. For example, Joshua was born in Orange Walk Hospital, a government-run hospital. But, locals are reluctant to turn loose of many of the traditional ways and practices. Probably with valid reasons. Bush doctors seem to possess a huge knowledge of plants, herbs, etc., that from what I've read, are surprisingly effective in treating certain maladies.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm sure as time goes on, there'll be many more postings with Joshua in them.

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