14 October, 2008

Yin and Yang

Well, today was one of those days.
  1. The deck got finished.
  2. The jets didn't arrive.
  3. Cody started priming the pump house for painting.
  4. Tropical Depression 16 is barreling down on us.
  5. The weekend rains caused problems by the back fence.
  6. Deck stanchion design
First things first - the "yin" of the project - the deck is done. And it's a real looker. I love it.
Just a bit more to go to finish the deck
Just This Tiny Corner

Presto, Chango! It's Done!

Next, John had the guys start on the front and back steps for the deck. They'll be concrete block sides with wood risers and treads. Six foot wide on the front steps and four foot wide on the back.
Emir Working on the Front Steps
Mariano and Emir Working on the Front Steps
Here They Are Working on the Rear Steps
Now You Can See Them
Here's the "yang" of the whole thing - the small cave that Cody discovered under the fence has caused additional problems. The rains of the weekend caused the fill placed back in the trench and tamped after the pipe was laid didn't have time to settle properly and washed into the cave. It subsequently washed out and eroded some of the outer bank alongside the canal. If we don't fix it, we stand to lose a part of the back fence when the coming storm hits. Lots of rain is on the way.
Here's the Ditch and Washed out fill
Eroded Canal Bank
Since we can't fill the pool all the way, I figured it will be better to drain a few inches out of the pool before the rain hits, and it would be a good test of the piping to see if it could handle the load. This part of the drain projecdt worked just as advertised - very well.
Another View of the Bank
Draining Pool Water Prior to the Rain
Another view of the hole under the fence. Cody borrowed the mixer from John and got a good bag of concrete, mixed loose so it'll settle well into the cave.
The Hole In the Wall (So to speak)
The Machine in Action
When it was ready to pour, John's guys helped Cody complete the pour. In the morning, we'll cover it with a couple loads of fill to help encourage water to stay away from this area. All the rest of the back area is Ok. Just this one problem area. I hope the concrete fill works.
Mariano and Emir Help Cody With the Pour
Complete, Looking Good
Cody nudging the concrete further into the cave. We're pretty sure it's all filled - we hope. The last bit of left0ver concrete, Cody put in front of the pump house, sort of a sloped stoop for it. BTW, the louvered window for the door will be ready to pick up tomorrow. So we'll see how easy it is to mount to the door.
Settling the Mix
Shaping the Stoop
Finally, a job Agusto is qualified for...

Not really. He's really very good at the construction trade and has worked, learning all he can from John for about three or four years now.
Agusto Bagging the Tras
Here is a drawing of what I'm thinking right now of using for deck railings, well the stanchions for it anyway.
Deck Stanchion Design


t said...

Dave and Dianne, I have been reading and enjoying your blog for the past few months. We will be in Corozal early Nov 08 from the Pacific Northwest. We would like to meet you and share a Beliken. My email

Thanks Theresa

Dave Rider said...

Sorry for the delay. I PM'd you.